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Real estate and investing it is the most profitable investment option, so it is also so popular not only among businessmen, but also among ordinary rural residents.

why real estate?

When comparing real estate investment with other investment options, the benefits are obvious:

  • effective protection of capital against impairment;
  • do not need certain knowledge and skills for investment;
  • regular income

When you buy real estate, for example, in LM Estate, an unimportant commercial or residential property, you can get real profits by renting a square meter.

The apartments sell themselves


Making money in the LE MÉANDRE complex will be most profitable if you do this during the construction phase, thus you will receive low entry cost and high profitability at the level of 15% per annum after the completion of the complex. It is necessary to understand the main tendencies of the market, buying and selling on time.

The most popular option on the market now is the purchase of apartments, as with the fall in property prices, the cost of rent increases. However, there is a more attractive option – real estate or apartments. You probably heard about Orbi Group – “to buy an apartment in Georgia or Batumi”. Also, now in the Ukrainian market offer apartments and profitable real estate in Turkey.

The location of the immovable property is an important point when choosing an investment object. Traditionally valued apartments in large cities with convenient traffic interchanges. However, further investments require personal participation in management, and the risks of light congestion often do not allow reaching the expected earnings. It is justifiably more profitable to buy apartments in the new complex LE MÉANDRE, which are under construction in Bukovel. This will save about 50% of the cost in comparison with the price upon delivery of the object. Also, apart from real estate in Georgia, in the same Orbi Group or Turkish apartments, apartment hotels in Bukovel are distinguished by transport accessibility, transparency of management, and best of all, they are not inferior in profitability.

Entrance to the restaurant of Le Meandre apartment complex

Below is an example of calculating the yield for apartments of type 1G, an area of 25.5 m2

Double room (2 persons)$
Settlement of apartments in the winter season90%
Income in the winter season at 100% settlement345 60012 800
Corrections in the uninhabited period -10%311 04011 520
Adjustment -5% early booking295 48810 944
Adjustment -10% LM Development265 9509 850
Adjusted profit265 9509 850
Electricity25 110930
Water supply / drainage2 43090
Daily cleaning18 630690
Washing clothes3 645135
Outdoor cleaning5 346198
Fire protection2 43090
Internet2 29585
Improvement of the territory2 64698
Total cost62 5322 316
Correction of income less payments203 4187 534
Apartment area25.5м2
The cost of apartments  1 728 000     64 000
Payback / years8.3 years

You can download the calculation for link.

Once a great investment of money – buying land and building a home, increasingly becoming a burden and binds you geographically to a specific location. If the house is located in an attractive location, then a lot of investments for construction will be able to quickly pay off only in case of successful sale or delivery for a long period. Please note that apartments from LE MÉANDRE can be rented year-round and receive passive income, even if you are vacationing in the Carpathians or moving to another country.


Investing in real estate involves some risks.

  • If you want to invest money from a new building, it is better to seek help from lawyers. In choosing a developer do not rush. The applicant must have many years of experience in the market and a sufficient number of completed and commissioned facilities.

For example, LM Estate, for example, always provides all project documentation, the necessary approvals with the relevant authorities and a building permit for the sale of its under construction.

Irina, Head of Sales Department at Le Meandre Apartments
  • It is not necessary to cooperate with those firms that overvalue or artificially understate the value of their facilities, such investment will surely not bring benefits. Therefore, before buying a property you need to analyze the market situation and the average cost per square meter.

In the case of impossibility to make a one-time payment, but with a stable income, it is worth considering the purchase by installments. For example, in Le Meandre, the period of installment – up to 18 months, in fact until the commissioning of the complex (end of 2020). This option is not much higher than the price, and the processing of all documents does not take much time. In this case, the profit from the lease will be stable and the financial burden – comfortable.

Sergey, Sales Manager at LM.estate
  • Investing in too expensive square meters is considered low-liquidity. If you need to urgently release a certain amount of money, it will be very problematic to do this, since the expensive apartment or house is not particularly in demand. In the case of apartments – it’s much easier to do.

We are glad that you are interested in the topic of investment in apartments. Leave your details – and we will send you more detailed information about the Le Meandre complex and the benefits of the facility.